Sequence Analysis Association

Webinar Series of the Sequence Analysis Association – Work-in-progress edition

Are you working on a research project involving sequence analysis (SA)? Then present your project in our new webinar series which specifically targets research projects at their developmental stages! Such a webinar gives you the opportunity to receive targeted feedback from the sequence analysis community with some of the most seasoned SA researchers and to address your questions about any aspects of SA.

Given the focus on work-in-progress research, the status of the presented research can vary from well-developed research plans to the presentation of initial empirical results. Any projects of SA are welcome, e.g., empirical applications or methodological advancements. Each presentation, typically about 15 minutes, will be followed by a discussion of about the same length. The discussion can be guided by some questions of the presenter for the audience.

Researchers at all stages of their career are welcome; early-career scholars are particularly encouraged to present their research. The webinar series is planned to start in October 2023. The submission deadline for presenting in October is September 15th. Later submissions will be considered for webinars later in the academic year.


Please indicate your interest via this submission form which will ask you to provide:

    • 150-word abstract

    • Type of paper (empirical application, methodological advancements, etc)

    • SA-methods used or discussed

    • Key words

It also gives you the opportunity to already flag specific questions/issues to be discussed.