R Packages


Trajectory Miner in R: A toolbox for exploring, analyzing, and rendering state and event sequences.
Official TraMineR page , CRAN page, in Journal of Statistical Software


A collection of ancillary functions and utilities to be used in conjunction with the TraMineR package.
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Clustering of state sequences and weighted data: Optimized weighted PAM algorithm, aggregation of replicated cases, measures of cluster quality, exploration of range of cluster solutions, tree plot of hierarchical clusters of state sequences.
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Describing episodes in individual sequences, measuring association between domains, smoothing sequences for index plots, heat maps of sequence data, Globally Interdependent Multidimensional Sequence Analysis, and more.
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A set of wrapper functions that mainly re-produces some of the sequence plots rendered with TraMineR::seqplot() and ‘TraMineRextras’. Whereas ‘TraMineR’ uses base R to produce the plots this library draws on ‘ggplot2’. 
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Introduction to ggseqplot


Multiple imputation of missing data present in a sequence dataset through prediction based on either a random forest or a multinomial regression model. Covariates and time-dependant covariates can be included in the model. The prediction of the missing values is based on the method of Halpin (2012)
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Probabilistic suffix trees and variable length Markov chains: Fitting and rendering of probabilistic suffix trees (PST) and a range of tools for analyzing categorical sequences with PSTs.
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, in Journal of Statistical Software


Markov chains: Estimation of various Markovian models for categorical data including homogeneous Markov chains of any order, mixture of transition distributions (MTD) models, hidden Markov models (HMM), and double chain Markov models (DCMM).
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, see also self contained MARCH program


Exploration, visualization, and modelling of (multichannel) social sequences and other categorical time series with hidden (latent) Markov models (HMM) and mixture HMMs. Plotting multichannel sequence data.
CRAN page, in Journal of Statistical Software


Measures of entropy (Gini, Shannon, Chebycheff dispersion) and serial dependence in categorical time series (individual sequences), and graphical representations of evolution features of categorical time series.
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Model-based clustering method for categorical life-course sequences relying on mixtures of exponential-distance models (Murphy et al. (2021).)
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R Code

Post with R Code to validate SA typologies using parametric Bootstrap

Stata packages


Stata module for sequence analysis.
in Stata Journal, in EconPapers


Sequence analysis tools for Stata.
in Stata Journal


Multiple imputation for categorical time series.
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