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Webinar Series of the Sequence Analysis Association

The SAA is very glad to invite you to its webinar series, which proposes an online platform for people interested in the development of sequence analysis and related methods in the social sciences. The webinar offers presentations on newly published articles and is co-organized by Tim F. Liao and Matthias Studer.

Each webinar lasts for 60–75 minutes and brings together two 20-minute presentations on a similar topic followed by 5–10 minute discussions each. At the end, 15 minutes are reserved for a general discussion on the theme.

The webinar is organized online on an approximately monthly basis on Thursdays at 4 PM CET (Central European Time).

When speakers agree, webinars are recorded and the recordings remain available to SAA members during one  month after the webinar. There is no archive of the recordings.

Call for papers

2023 Autumn Program

There will be about one session each month:
September, Thursday, 21, 4 pm CET
Subject: Recent book and software developments.
Speakers: Emanuela Struffolino, Marcel Raab, Christian Brzinsky-Fay, Brendan Halpin
October, Thursday, 19, 4 pm CET
Subject: Development and alternatives to sequence clusters.
Matthias Studer, Validating sequence typologies, doi:
Satu Helske, Dissimilarity-based variables as an alternative to cluster membership in SA, doi:
Zoom link:
November, Thursday, 2, 4 pm CET
Subject: Workshop on Dissimilarity Measure Choices.
Description: The workshop features two work-in-progress applications of sequence analysis in health. We discuss open questions after each presentation, with a focus on choosing dissimilarity measures.
Anna-Victoria Holtz, Multimorbidity and dementia trajectories in old age in Germany and Catalonia.
Data Sarnak, Individual, dyadic, and health system factors that influence postpartum trajectories of women in Ethiopia: A sequence analysis.
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2023 Spring Program

The Webinar Series will be devoted to an Overview of Sequence Analysis based on the story of Sequence Analysis recently published in Social Science Research (Liao et al., 2022, Sequence Analysis: its Past, Present, and Future, Doi: 10.1016/j.ssresearch.2022.102772 ).
Overview of Sequence Analysis 1
February, Thursday, 23, 4 pm CET
Subject: History of sequence analysis, visualization, distance measures, cluster analysis.
Speakers: Tim Liao, Christian Brzinsky-Fay, Matthias Studer, Raffaella Piccareta
Overview of Sequence Analysis 2
March 30, Thursday, 4 pm CET
Subject: Comparing groups of sequences, polyadic sequence analysis, complexity and related sequence indicators, Markovian analysis.
Speakers: Matthias Studer, Danilo Bolano, Gilbert Ritschard, Satu Helske
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Overview of Sequence Analysis 3
April 20, Thursday, 4 pm CET
Subject: SA and life course research, sequence-network analysis, on-going and future SA methodological developments.
Speakers: Anette Fasang, Benjamin Cornwell, Tim Liao, Gilbert Ritschard

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